Project: Just Like You is proud to present Sadielynn. She goes by “Sadie.” This is her story!
Sadie is 1 1/2 years old. She was born April 26, 2015. When she was 3 days old, her mother noticed what she thought were seizures. We later learned that her epilepsy had a genetic cause. She was given the diagnosis of ADNFLE. It is very rare as only roughly 100 people have this diagnosis and very little is known about it. We do know that she should be able to achieve all of her milestones and as she becomes an adult, and her seizures should happen less frequently. Even possibly go into remission! Sadie is now 7 months seizure free.
ABut no one would ever know she has any type of seizure activities! Sadie attacks life with a gusto that knows no bounds! She loves to play with her big brothers, climb anything including the kitchen table and the playground at the park. She loves to root for her family’s favorite team the KC Royals and plays baseball wth her big brother. She loves life and we love her!
Sadie is a happy 1 1/2 year old happy child!

Sadie is #JustLikeYou


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