Project: Just Like You is proud to present Ethan. This is his story!

Ethan is 10 years old. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS with hypotonia at 3 years old. He was also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder by the age of 5.
Ethan is attending public school in a typical mainstream 4th grade class with support. He takes tae kwon do, participates in church and has a passion for many pop culture icons.
From Diana, his amazing mother, “Ethan is amazingly resilient. He has moved schools 4 times and states 3 times. He has tried many mainstream sports without being discouraged. He dreams of being a film director or comic book creator. We were told at the beginning of his diagnosis that he would never attend mainstream school and would likely never write. We were told that delays would always make him set apart. In some ways, he is set apart, but at 10, by the grace of God, he has become a young man who relates in activities more like his peers than not. He has learned to embrace and try to understand autism. I learn everyday from him. I walk each step and learn as I go but I am so thankful.”
Ethan continues to soar.

Ethan is #JustLikeYou


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