Project: Just Like You is proud to present Logen! And this is his story.
Logen is 5 years old. He will be six in December. He was diagnosed with level 3 Autism Spectrum Disorder. This means, according to his super mom, Tricia, “my son is currently nonverbal and is starting to communicate using an assistive device. He struggles with sitting and participating in many structured activities because he is very self guided. He is very smart and loves all things outer space. Logen needs many breaks and a very structured routine or else the chaos of the unknown becomes too much for him. He loves and emotes greatly, which is not the norm for children on the spectrum, but he still struggles to make friends and play with others.”
However, Logen doesn’t let anything stop him. He enjoys his iPad, watching Futurama and Simpsons, loves everything about space and Mario Bros, enjoys being outdoors, and playing with animals (particularly dogs). He loves to play with his sister and enjoys swinging in his sensory swing.
Tricia also said, “My child is awesome because he has the biggest heart and loves with all he has. He is the happiest little boy I’ve ever met and his smile brightens the room. He brings awareness and love to everyone he comes in contact with. He reminds us every day of what is really important in the world!”
We at Project: Just Like You think Logen is pretty awesome too! Keep living life to the fullest, little buddy!
Logen is #JustLikeYou


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