Teaming up with Special Olympics Virginia


If you are new to Project: Just Like You, welcome!! This coming week is very exciting one! Project: Just Like You is teaming up with Special Olympics Virginia to showcase some incredible athletes. These men, women, and children will give you a daily dose of inspiration! Each story is filled with strength, courage, and defying the odds on all levels. Check back daily to read, engage, share and encourage each individual. As always, thanks for being an important part of Project: Just Like You!

We are looking for pictures of your family celebrating the holidays, whatever that means to you. We will be showing off your pictures later on this month. email them to:

Happy Holidays!


Awareness for November


👉👉Please share!!👈👈 
You guys are awesome, so we are asking for your help! While we will continue to highlight those of all different abilities, we want to make sure we feature those with the following for November awareness month. 
If you have a child or teen with of the following:


or you know someone whose child or teen has one of the above, please submit your story and/or encourage them to submit theirs! You can use our featured children as examples. Email: 

to share how they are living life to it’s fullest!! Not a storyteller? Email: and we’ll send you a form to help write the bio! 
If we have missed something for November awareness, please let us know by writing in the comments. As always, thank you for your support!!


We have a very exciting line of featured children this coming week. All the children featured this week have Down Syndrome since this is Down Syndrome awareness month. Their lives are incredible! You will love reading about them. They are certainly living life to the fullest! 
There is also a website in the works, which will be up and running in the near future. This is so exciting since we will now be reaching out to everyone! 
On Thursday, Project: Just Like You will have it’s first photoshoot! These will be with some of our local Project: Just Like You children and teens with a few from other parts of the state as our featured stars. We will not be featuring anyone this day, as we will show what’s going on behind the scenes. 
As we continue to grow, expand and gain media attention, we need to have these professional pictures. And the photographer is none other than Patience Salgado! She is known in RVA as The Kindness Girl. 
Patience has been an inspiration in my life since I learned about her and her incredible works a few years ago. Her gift of spreading kindness caught on fast in RVA! She also blogged for The Huffington Post, was featured on Oprah, and is a recipient of the Richmond Style Weekly 40 under 40 award, these are just a few highlights! This is on top of being a mom of 4 kids! Now she will be helping with Project: Just Like You. 
However, Patience is defined by how she treats others simply with kindness and love. It is an honor and a joy for her to share her time with us! 
As always, thank you for your support for Project: Just Like You. We are here to share stories of all children with different abilities. We want all their voices to be heard. Project: Just Like You is actively working to change a mentality in our country and in our world. The message is simple- all children are the same. Changing the world! One story at a time. 
Please enjoy this picture of our little guy from our Pumpkin Patch and apple picking trip yesterday. 

Jacob likes riding in the wagon and taking day trips with his family. #JustLikeYou 🍂🍁🎃


Hello all you wonderful followers of Project: Just Like You! If you are new, welcome! 
This coming week, Project: Just Like You will be highlighting a few teenagers and their journey with their different abilities. These stories are inspiring and a great source of comfort for new parents who have just learned about their child’s diagnosis or even those who have walked with their child for years. 
We invite you to follow their stories in this coming week! And as always, thank you for spreading the word of Project: Just Like You and helping to build our inclusive community! If you would like your child to be highlighted, email us at:
Changing the world! One story at a time.

Awareness for October 


The month of October is awareness month for: 
Rett Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Spina Bifida


Brain injury 

While we will continue to highlight people with all special needs at Project: Just Like You, we want to reach out to all of you who live with any of these conditions particularly and ask for your story. We want to showcase how you are living life to the fullest! If you know someone with a story to share, encourage them to email us: 
Let’s highlight and share voices and stories, and show how we are unified by our strengths.
As always, thank you for sharing and engaging in the mission of Project: Just Like You

Launch update


21,276. This is the number of reaches in this first week of launching Project: Just Like You. Through your shares, likes, and comments of each child’s story, we have reached over 21,276 people this week alone. Project: Just Like You is on the path of reaching so many more people! Thank you for making this launch an incredible one! This is just the beginning! 
Please continue to send in your stories. These are stories of hope, stories changing hearts and minds of our special needs children. It is showing what is at the core of these beautiful kids! Thank you for your continued support.  
If you haven’t yet, please share Project: Just Like You with your friends, families, support groups. Let’s make sure every family with a special needs child knows about Project: Just Like You. Encourage sharing each and every story. They can sent to:
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Let’s change the world. One story at a time.